Design Your Montréal

Design Your Montréal is an activity comprised of four hands-on creative workshops that allow elementary level students to better discover their city. What is the key word for the day? FUN!

Over the course of one day, Montréal experts from Guidatour will get students to learn about Québec’s metropolis and to define “their Montréal” for themselves, all while having lots of fun.

Guidatour specializes in the development of tours and scavenger hunts that are both fun and educational for youth, including both younger and older children or teenagers. Take a look at all our other educational activities or contact us for more details or to reserve!

Design Your Montréal workshops

Here are the four Design Your Montréal workshops included in the activity:

Workshop 1: Montréal Murals

A true cultural oasis, Montréal proudly displays its streets artists. With more than 200 murals scattered throughout the city, urban art is at the core of Montréal’s identity. During this workshop, several murals will be presented to students, followed by an opportunity to discuss their meaning. As a group, they will then create a collaborative mural.

Workshop 2: Montréal Skyscrapers

When we talk about big cities, we’re talking about skyscrapers, and Montréal is no exception! In this workshop, the facilitator will present some of the city’s most iconic buildings to students. In teams, armed with wooden sticks and clothes pins, students will then be challenged to build the highest tower possible. But watch out! It can’t be taller than Mount Royal…

Workshop 3: Montréal, Sports City

Whether they practice one or simply as spectators, Montrealers have always been crazy about sports. Students will be invited to play sports themed bingo. They will choose amongst images provided to create a bingo card starring their favorite Montréal teams and players. They will also get a chance to move a bit, thanks to short sport challenges included in the images.

Workshop 4: Iconic Montréal

The Olympic Stadium, the Montréal flag, those famous bagels… these are just some of the symbols that represent Montréal. After discovering the city’s most iconic elements and having discussed with the facilitator what best represents Montréal for them, students will use salt dough to recreate their favorite emblem.

Rates and practical information about this educational activity

  • Target age group: Elementary level. It’s a perfect activity for childcare services provided at school on pedagogical days or for a special day during class.
  • Schedule: From 9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. including 4 workshops of 55 minutes and a 90-minute lunch break.
  • Rates (valid until August 2024): $26.50 per student.
  • Minimum group size: 80 students in four class groups (a ratio of approximately 20 to 25 students per facilitator).
  • Maximum group size: 160 students.
  • Travel expenses of $1.10 per kilometer, round trip, starting from Guidatour’s offices, will be charged. Guidatour will travel within an 60-kilometer radius maximum.
  • Please inquire with us if you would like to customize the activity for smaller groups, for more classes or students, or if you would like to book half a day (two workshops instead of four).

How to book Design Your Montréal?

Please contact us for more details or to book now.