Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How far in advance should I reserve?

It depends on the type of activity you want.

To obtain the services of a private French or English guide, it is never too early and rarely too late. In other words, the earlier the better, but we also accept last minute bookings, both within a minimum period of two hours and by telephone only. We strive to provide you with the required service as soon as possible, depending on availability.

For more specific services, please contact us as soon as possible to ensure the day and time for your choice for your activity.

What are the accepted methods of payment?

For tours offered to the general public, the fees are payable in full at the time of booking, by Visa, Mastercard or in cash in Canadian dollars.

For private tours and group activities, we generally ask for a credit card guarantee at the time of booking. Depending on the type of activity, the total payment is required then a few days or weeks before the visit, or on the day of the meeting at the latest. We accept Visa, Mastercard, company checks or cash in Canadian dollars.

Other arrangements can also be discussed and made as appropriate.

What is the cancellation or change policy?

For visits scheduled for the general public, tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable 23 hours or less prior to the tour.

For private tours, scavenger hunts, Montréal Ghosts activities on a private basis, day packages, vehicle rentals, reservations for attractions or restaurants, the cancellation or change policy varies according to the service reserved. Read our General Terms and Conditions or contact us to learn more.

Should we leave a tip with our guide?

Tipping is not mandatory, but it is highly appreciated. Generally, a tip of 20% to 25% is the norm.

That being said, the amount is at your discretion and may vary depending on your level of satisfaction and the number of participants. You can also include the tip in advance on your invoice.

How will I recognize my guide? Can I have his or her phone number?

Our guides usually arrive a few minutes early at the starting point. They are usually dressed in dark colors, often in navy and white or black and white, and have a name tag with their guide license.
Unfortunately, for reasons of confidentiality, we cannot share our guides’ personal information. If necessary, contact us by phone and we will link you to your guide.

What do you mean by “professional guide”?

According to the regulations in force in Montréal and Québec City, a person must hold an official permit to be guide.

All our guides are certified and therefore licensed tourist guides for the cities of Montréal or Québec, obtained after training in specialized institutions. Our bike guides are also accredited professionals, who in addition to their official permit also trained with VéloQuébec.

What do you meanby“typical tour”?
How long is appropriate for the visit? What will I see?

Our descriptions of guided tours indicate the places usually visited and suggested times.

We will communicate the information effectively to give you a better idea of ​​the proposed activity, but the places visited can vary depending on the particular location, time and duration of the visit.

We can also adjust the content of the activity at any time and develop a customized itinerary, depending on your needs and interests.

Will you provide transportation for tours by car or bus?

Our prices do not include transportation and we do not have our own vehicles. If you already have a vehicle, the guide can conduct the tour on board.

Alternatively, you can book your own transportation or, if you prefer, we can rent you a car and driver (bus, minibus, sedan, limousine, minivan or SUV) based on your needs. Alternative and whenever possible, the tour can also be done by taxi or public transportation.

Does the activity take place despite bad weather?

All activities, including walking tours, take place rain or shine. Depending on the chosen activity and the weather of the day, be sure to be dressed comfortably and accordingly in order to have the most enjoyable experience possible.

Are walking tours accessible to people with reduced mobility?

The places visited are accessible to disabled people, but are not necessarily adapted to their needs. Knowing this, please notify us in advance of your particular situation so that we can plan accordingly.

Can I bring my pet?

With the exception of guide dogs (e.g. Mira), pets are not allowed during visits for safety purposes and to ensure the activities run smoothly.