At Your School Workshops

Meet Guidatour at your school! We offer you these three exciting on-site workshops for students. We also invite you to take a look at the activity Create Your Montréal if you are looking for another series of fun and informative on-site workshops run by our specialized staff.

Guidatour specializes in the development of activities, tours and scavenger hunts that are both fun and educational for youth, including both younger and older children or teenagers. Take a look at all our educational activities or contact us for more details or to reserve!


Montréal with a Professional Guide

Guide professionnel de Guidatour

An accredited guide will talk about their profession, about Montréal and the history of its founding, from New France up until today. They will also discuss the precolonial period and the First Nations.

The activity will be enriched with question and answer segments, quizzes, historical and contemporary photos, videos, and trips to the heart of the city using Google Earth, as though you were there in person!

The Life of a Montréal Ghosts Actor

Loge des Fantômes Montréal

Meet a professional actor, member of the Union des artistes, and learn more about their career path (theatre, TV, ads, voice work, work as an extra, clowning, etc.).

The actor will share with the class the highs and lows inherent to the profession, and will follow this with a live makeup and costume demonstration.

Once the transformation into a “ghost” is complete, he or she will perform an excerpt of their Montréal Ghosts performance, sharing a somewhat darker side of New France.

Schools of a Bygone Era

Atelier scolaire ecole d'autrefois Guidatour

The workshop facilitator will talk about schools in the time of the students’ grandparents and great-grandparents, that is to say, Québec schools of the 1950s and 1960s.

Historical photos, anecdotes, discussions on conditions at the schools, the customs and traditions observed there, as well as the differences between city schools and country schools, will help immerse students in another era, which they will be able to compare to their current reality.

Rates and Practical information regarding the workshops

Available and customizable for students from 3rd grade to secondary 5.

Duration of the workshops: 60 to 75 minutes approximately.

Rates* (taxes included): Students (50 to 74) $11.50 / Students (75 and +) $9.00

The rates are listed per workshop, and this same workshop may be run up to a maximum of
four times in the day.

*Rates indicated are for schools located within a 75-minute radius of Montréal’s downtown core (75 minutes without traffic as according to Google Maps). For every 30-minute period of additional travel time, a $30 fee will be added.

Reserve your on-site workshop with Guidatour

Reservation is mandatory at the date and time of your choice (depending on availability). Contact us for more information or to reserve!