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You want to explore a specific neighbourhood of Montréal on foot with one of our professional guides?

Contact us and we will customize a walking tour for you, either to get off the beaten path or to visit some more classic areas!

Here are some examples of popular visits:

Entertainment District (Quartier des spectacles)

Experience the creative effervescence of the Quartier des Spectacles by visiting Jeanne-Mance Street and the Place des Festivals, Sainte-Catherine Street, the new facilities of the Place des Arts and the Maison Symphonique, without forgetting St. Lawrence Boulevard, where you will see the Society for Arts and Technology (SAT).

Now recognized as the cultural heart of Montréal, this city block is nearly a square kilometer in size. From the former Red Light District to its most recent transformation, discover the tumultuous past and innovative present of this lively area of Montréal.

International District (Quartier International)

Appreciate the unique design of the urban furniture in this completely transformed area where sixty international organisations have established their headquarters. The International Quarter has in fact won many prizes and honourable mentions for its stylish contemporary design.

See many historical and modern buildings such as the CDP Capital Building and the Montréal World Trade Center. Discover the new RÉSO (Underground Pedestrian Network) passageways, also known as the Underground City.


A walking tour in Chinatown is the best way to fully appreciate all the sights, sounds and smells of this part of town. This lively quarter certainly contributes to making Montreal a cosmopolitan city and is one of the many jewels in the multicultural crown of the city.

Did you know that passing through the “Portal of the Sun” ensures wealth and prosperity? Follow your guide to learn more about the rich history of the Chinese community and how it has evolved in our metropolis.

Little Italy

Follow your guide for a unique trip through a land of good pasta, good wine and la dolce vita without even leaving Montréal in the heart of Little Italy! This visit will allow you to discover a community well-established in Montréal for many decades. Bella Italia… Montréal style!

From Dante Street to Saint-Laurent Boulevard, succumb to the charm of the trattorias, the boutiques and the cafés of Little Italy, an ambiance not found anywhere else. Stop at the famous Jean-Talon Market and visit Madonna della Defesa church (according to availability).

Plateau Mont-Royal

Close to the downtown area, the Plateau Mont-Royal is the ideal place to discover a residential area of Montréal but also one of the trendiest districts in North America with its boutiques, cafés, restaurants where fashion, animation and style are “au rendez-vous“!

Discover the hidden side of the metropolis through the stories of its alleys and their urban legends. On the program: hidden gardens, warehouses, clothing lines, murals and graffiti.

Golden Square Mile

At the end of the 19th century, roughly 70% of the wealth of Canada was in the hands of a select few who lived in an area covering approximately one square mile, located on the flanks of Mount Royal. Along with your guide, discover the streets and the residences that evoke this prosperous period in Montréal’s history.

A stroll in the neighbourhood will allow you to appreciate the elegance and richness of the exterior architectural. From Italian Neo-renaissance to Classical Revival, all the way to French Chateau style and all manner of Victorian eclecticism, a smorgasbord of styles is on the menu!

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Photo Credit 1: © Bruno Lajeunesse